Weight Loss Strategies That Really Work!

March 09, 2013

Deborah Tate, PhD, with the UNC Chapel Hill Gillings School of Global Public Health, spoke at one of the UNC Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute’s Appetite for Life Academy seminars and offered researched-backed, practical weight loss strategies:

  • Tracking your food intake and weighing frequently are behaviors that along with diet and exercise support weight loss.
  • Weight loss from many diet programs is the result of lowering your total caloric intake not cutting out specific foods.
  • A key to successful weight loss and long-term management is adherence- finding a combination of diet and exercise that you can stick with long-term.

The optimal amount of exercise researchers recommended for weight loss is 200 to 225 minutes per week. That equals about 30 minutes, seven days a week or 45 minutes, five days a week of moderate exercise that raises your heart rate.

Strategies like pre-portioned foods such as healthy frozen meals or a can of soup, drinking water before a meal and slowing down the rate at which you eat do contribute to lower caloric intake and weight loss.

View the video.

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