Wei Jia

Gut flora ‘had role’ in China’s milk scandal

February 19, 2013

HealthcareToday Chinese infants who drank infant formula milk contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine were probably more likely to develop severe kidney disease if a certain type of microbe was present in their gut, new research suggests. “Good” gut bacteria have evolved in a symbiotic relationship with humans over millions of years, and have a […]

Gut microbes could determine the severity of melamine-induced kidney disease

February 14, 2013

  ScienceDaily Microbes present in the gut can affect the severity of kidney disease brought on by melamine poisoning, according to an international study led by Professor Wei Jia at the University of North Carolina in collaboration with the research group of Professor Jeremy Nicholson at Imperial College London. In 2008, nearly 300,000 Chinese children […]

Cancer Treatments Emerge From Modern Metabolomics, Traditional Chinese Medicine

October 09, 2012

Over 1,800 years ago healers in China mixed together a formulation called Huangqin Decoctin to relieve their patients’ aches and pains. Today, colorectal cancer patients in a Phase II Clinical Trial are receiving a therapeutic treatment made from this ancient formulation. The potential new drug is being tested for its effectiveness in reducing the harsh […]