super foods

Superfoods: Looking for health at the table

January 27, 2016

By Jose Carlos Marques. This article was translated from Portuguese. Read the original article  from Correio de manha. They call them ‘superfoods’ and promise many benefits. Experts doubt. “Açaí is suitable for all those seeking a very nutritious food with unique flavor, fat zero and with high concentrations of vitamins, reducing the risk of disease.” […]

Where the wild berries grow

February 13, 2012

By Jessica Wapner Cosmos Magazine The wild berries of Alaska may safeguard both the health and economic future of native communities, but only if rising temperatures don’t interfere first. Salmonberries belong to the same genus as raspberries. They have traditionally been used for treating wounds, and the leaves and stems of blackberries are used to treat […]