David Murdock Wants You to Live Forever

April 10, 2013

by Jessica Wapner, AARP The Magazine, April/May 2013 Much of the work at NCRC is focused on investigating “superfoods” such as berries, ginger and broccoli to discover how they reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Some labs at NCRC are pioneering the field of nutrigenomics, the study of how genes affect nutrition and vice versa. […]

Boosting Phyto-Benefits for Better Health and Longevity

March 12, 2013

Published in the Charlotte Observer’s Pulse Magazine.  Broccoli, blueberries and bananas are already tagged “super foods” meaning they are more nutritious than most other fruits and vegetables.  Yet, under the microscopes at the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC) in Kannapolis, scientists are finding ways to boost their benefits. The NCRC is a public-private research center […]

Nutritional influence on epigenetics and effects on longevity

March 18, 2011

Niculescu, M.D. & Lupu, D.S.(2011)Nutritional influence on epigenetics and effects on longevity. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab CareJan;14(1):35-40 Abstract PURPOSE OF REVIEW: This review synthesizes recently published information regarding nutrition and its impact upon epigenetically mediated mechanisms involved in longevity and aging. RECENT FINDINGS: Recent studies enriched considerably our understanding of the relationship between aging […]