Can Wild Blueberries Boost Your Memory? NC State PHHI on the Today Show

April 06, 2018

Originally posted and aired on the Today Show. Follow the link to view the segment. This week, TODAY is exploring longevity foods with unique, health-boosting properties that may help you live longer. With plenty of fiber and different vitamins, many fresh fruits are great for you — but we’re truly wild for wild blueberries. Having […]

Heart and Liver Disease: Deciphering Metabolic and Genetic Connections

June 09, 2013

The human genetic code is 99.9 percent identical. What makes people individuals, genetically speaking, equates to .1 percent of their individual genetic make-up and accounts for thousands of differentiations at the molecular level. Deciphering those differentiations or polymorphisms and their involvement in the development of disease is the work of scientists like Karen  Corbin, PhD, RD, […]