Sugar-heavy sports drinks don’t benefit everyone

November 24, 2013

&NewsObserver By Reid Creager It’s a regular routine for countless health-conscious people: some moderate cardio and/or weight training, maybe a 10- or 15-minute run followed by a half-hour with barbells or resistance equipment, all fueled by or finished with their favorite sports drink. Researcher David Nieman says that’s a calorie calamity. Although regular physical activity […]

Best All-Natural Sports Drinks

September 09, 2013

Mens Journal Gatorade caught major flak this year when a 15-year-old girl from Mississippi made America realize the sports drink contains brominated vegetable oil. BVO, as it’s called, is toxic in concentrated form and contains bromine – a flame-retardant commonly sprayed on furniture and carpets – which accumulates in fatty tissues and may damage organs. As we […]