drug targeting

Cancer R&D Company Joins the NC Research Campus

November 07, 2017

The NC Research Campus (NCRC) welcomes R&S Chemicals, a cancer research and development company, to its roster of companies leasing ready-to-use laboratories in the David H. Murdock Core Laboratory. Srisailas Muthialu, PhD, PMP, vice president of R&S Chemicals, is leading the company’s study of two molecules that demonstrate anti-cancer activity. With additional research that will […]

Gut microbiota: a potential new territory for drug targeting

March 19, 2008

Jia, W.,*Li, H., Zhao, L., Nicholson, J., Gut microbiota: a potential new territory for drug targeting, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery(IF = 23.31),Vol 7, 123-131, 2008. Abstract The significant involvement of the gut microbiota in human health and disease suggests that manipulation of commensal microbial composition through combinations of antibiotics, probiotics and prebiotics could be a […]