Can’t Resist Some Foods? It’s Not Your Fault

May 16, 2017

Read the original article by Martha Rosenberg from OpEdNews. Have you noticed the overpowering something-in-the-oven smell that wafts up when you walk past a Subway? Mark Christiano, Subway’s Global Baking Technologist, insists the aroma is not pumped outside to entice passers-by but adds that the bread recipe is “proprietary.” The truth is in the war […]

Give in to FEWer Sugary Temptations This Valentine’s Day and Every Day

February 09, 2017

Stay strong on Valentine’s Day and surrender to FEWer temptations! The UNC Nutrition Research Institute’s Robyn Amos-Kroohs, PhD, explains how. Why does chocolate taste so good? Chocolate is largely composed of fat and sugar, which taste delicious on their own, but together create often irresistible flavor. Scientifically, fat and sugar in chocolate and other foods […]