Chia Seeds

Leading the Charge for Food Safety as Part of a Healthy Diet

June 20, 2013

Published by Business Today, June 2013 Blueberries and brain health, chia seeds and their nutritional impact, broccoli and preventing eye disease — these are examples of some of the most recent findings from the NC Research Campus (NCRC) in Kannapolis. The catch is that people can only enjoy the health benefits of fruits and vegetables if […]

Are Chia Seeds a Superfood?

May 13, 2013 By: Sharon Basaraba Chia  seeds may have made their mark on the toy market in the late 1970s, but they’re gaining popularity as a whole food with benefits now, for their longevity-boosting dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acid content. In fact, some proponents say that chia seeds can help you lose weight, and give […]

ASU Recruiting for Fruit Carbohydrate/Chia Seed Oil Study

March 28, 2013

The Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory is recruiting for a new study entitled Sustained Energy:  Influence of ingesting fruit-based carbohydrates and chia seed oil on human running performance. The Principal Investigator is David C. Nieman, DrPH, director of the Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, NC. What […]

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia: Not Just A Potted Pet. Now It’s Health Food

April 19, 2012

by: Elana Gordon, NPR Remember ? You know, those sprouting Terracotta kittens, Simpson characters and yes, even and presidential ? Well, the tiny seeds responsible for the “pottery that grows” have been springing up recently in the food and dietary supplement aisles of grocery, pharmacy and vitamin shops nationwide. In the last three years, dozens […]

Chia Seeds Move Beyond Faddish Past In Bid For Mainstream Acceptance

April 16, 2012

  The Huffington Post Five years ago, the word “chia” made most Americans think of one thing: Chia Pets. The association lingers. But today, chia seeds are beginning to gain recognition as one of the world’s healthiest foods. The seeds, which are completely tasteless, are high in protein and fiber and contain incredibly high levels […]

Supplementation of Milled Chia Seeds Increases Plasma ALA and EPA in Postmenopausal Women

April 11, 2012

Supplementation of Milled Chia Seeds Increases Plasma ALA and EPA in Postmenopausal Women. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, April 2012. Jin F, Nieman DC, Sha W, Xie G, Qiu Y, Jia W, Fuxia, J. Appalachian State University Human Performance Lab and Dole Nutrition Research Lab. Abstract Ten postmenopausal women (age 55.6 ± 0.8 years, BMI 24.6 ± 1.1 kg/m²) […]

Chia seeds: The latest superfood?

March 27, 2012

ShineOn Ch-ch-ch-chia! Sound familiar? Anyone who grew up in the ’80s or ’90s surely remembers those tacky, animal-shaped dust collectors, sold strictly on informercials, that grew chia sprouts to look like animal fur. Would you be surprised to hear those same seeds, sometimes referred to as Salvia hispanica L, contain the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acid found […]