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Red Cabbage vs Power Blueberries

April 07, 2017

By Caryn Rabin. Read the original aritcle on The Straits Times. Q: How does red cabbage compare to blueberries, nutritionally speaking? A: Red cabbage is a low-calorie food that is a good source of vitamins. But if you are looking for a big infusion of the potent antioxidants that blueberries are famous for, “you’re not […]

Ginger Shogaols: Promising Prevention for Lung and Colon Cancer

August 13, 2013

Shengmin Sang, PhD, associate professor and leadscientist in functional food for NC A&T State University’s Center for Excellence in Post Harvest Technologies, published four peer-reviewed articles this year that further the understanding of the chemopreventive potential of ginger. Sang’s most recent findings concentrate on shogaol metabolites and lung and colon cancer prevention. Shogaols are the dehydrated […]