Sensory Discovery Center

Sensory Spectrum Discovery Center, Kannapolis, NC Sensory Spectrum is a global leader in the generation of high-quality sensory information. The company is a leader in the field of sensory and consumer science.

Sensory Spectrum’s North Carolina Discovery Center is located in downtown Kannapolis, NC, adjacent to the NC Research Campus (NCRC). The company provides custom designed studies for companies that define and quantify consumers’ interactions with the sensory properties of products. The result is an in-depth understanding of how to integrate sensory properties to develop, position and improve products in order to open up new marketing strategies and business opportunities.

What Sensory Spectrum Does

In business for over 25 years, Sensory Spectrum has tested everything from “food to furniture” including beverages, appliances and personal and home care products. They base their analysis on Spectrum Descriptive Analysis™, a proprietary system of sensory analysis developed by company president and founder Gail Vance Civille. The system scientifically rates the appearance, flavor, texture, fragrance, skinfeel and fabricfeel of products. When Spectrum Descriptive Analysis is combined with consumer response, a picture of the total product experience is captured with insights into what drives consumer perception.

On the NCRC, Sensory Discovery Center works on both industry and academic research that promotes quality consumer products as well as health and wellness. As an NCRC partner, scientists can include consumer input earlier in their research to guide its development and shorten the time from the laboratory to the consumer market place. Sensory Spectrum partnered with the NC State University’s (NCSU) Strawberry Project to conduct sensory analysis on strawberry cultivars by looking at and scoring traits such as appearance, shape, color, flesh texture, firmness and flavor using panels of consumers, chefs and farmers. The result is that NCSU’s strawberry breeder has more precise information to about strawberry lines to breed in order to increase the growing season and to grow more strawberries in more regions of North Carolina.


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