Start A Research Collaboration

pic Collaborating with the NC Research Campus is all about finding solutions to research and product development that advance your company or organization’s goals. Options are plentiful from contracting for laboratory services to sponsoring studies or human clinical trials to locating a research center on campus. Long-lasting collaborations with the scientists of the NC Research Campus start with a simple request for services. To make an inquiry, email Chris Ervin, director of business development.

The services of the NC Research Campus include:


The Bioinformatics Research and Services of UNC Charlotte designs and develops new software solutions for organizations on and off campus using sophisticated computational to tools. Learn more.

Contract Laboratory Services

Contract laboratory services in genomics, metabolomics, NMR and bioinformatics are available through the David H. Murdock Research Institute. DHMRI also offers an AAALACi-accredited Center for Laboratory Animal Sciences, a 40,000 square foot facility with room for 11,000 rodent cages. Learn more.

Exercise Physiology

The Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory specializes in exercise physiology and immunology. Their laboratory is set up with the equipment to conduct human clinical trials with trained athletes or community volunteers to measure the impact of beverages, functional foods, fruits and vegetables on human performance and recovery. Learn more.

Food Safety and Food Processing 

The NCA&T Center for Excellence in Post-Harvest Technologies has the scientific expertise to develop methodologies to reduce foodborne contaminants in foods. The NC State University Plants for Human Health Institute can provide research to develop methodologies to protect the nutritional value and increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables as well as collaborate on food processing methods that perserve plant compounds and nutrients. NC State and NC A&T scientists also consult on the development of natural ingredients and therapies using compounds in fruits and vegetabales. Learn more about NC A&T or NC State.

Greenhouse Space

NC State University operates a greenhouse complex with space for rent. Through a partnership with the Piedmont Research Station, PHHI plant breeders can assist in the design and monitoring of agricultural field trials. Learn more.

Metabolic Measurement

Metabolism measurement and assessment is available using the UNC Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute’s metabolic chamber, dual-energy, x-ray absorption scanner, BodPod and a TrueOne 2400 Metabolic Measurement System, clinical services facility and metabolic research kitchen. Learn more.

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