Ready-to-go Laboratories and Flexible Office Space

pic Move right in the NC Research Campus’ ready-to-go laboratories or flexible office space without missing a day of research and development on your organization’s next breakthrough.

There are 1,500-square-foot and a newly constructed 3,000 square foot ready-to-go laboratory suites available. Each suite can sub-divided into one to three laboratories. All laboratories includes administrative areas, a full complement of casework, modified epoxy resin tops, fume hoods, wall and center bench shelving, sinks and storage.

The NCRC’s first flexible office space is now available to companies looking for a place to operate in a life science research center.

View the floor plan of the newest ready-to-go laboratory and adjacent flexible office space.

Download the flyer on our NCRC Ready-to-Use Laboratories and Flexible Office Space.

The ready-to-go laboratories and flexible office space are located on the third floor of the David H. Murdock Core Laboratory building with access to the UNC Charlotte Bioinformatics Services Division and the David H. Murdock Research Institute. The DHMRI offers analytical services spanning proteommics, genomics, metabolomics, microscopy, bioinformatics and NMR. Locating in a ready-to-go laboratory or office gives your company access to all of the campus’ partners and the collaborative approach to science that is the hallmark of the NCRC.

Flexible lease terms are available for both the flexible office space and ready-to-go laboratories.

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