R&S Chemicals

R&S Chemicals, a cancer research and development company, is working with specific molecules that demonstrate anti-cancer activity. The company also offers expertise in the synthesis of organic compounds.

Vice President Srisailas Muthialu, PhD, PMP, brings over 15 years of industry experience spanning custom synthesis, medicinal chemistry and drug discovery to his leadership of R&S. His business partner Ramesh Gupta, PhD, has over 35 years of industry experience with the development of medicinal compounds that are used in the treatment of illness like allergies and chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

The parent company is Chem-Master International, a contract research and development company located in New York that specializes in organic and medicinal chemistry. Muthialu and Gupta also support Chem-Master as director of business development and vice president, respectively.

R&S is located in a 950 square foot ready-to-use laboratory suite in the David H. Murdock Core Laboratory Building.

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