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Newly Expanded Eligibility for PPS

February 14, 2014

February 14, 2014

Murdock Study

The Duke Translational Medicine Institute-MURDOCK Study team is excited to announce an expansion to one of our on-going studies. The Physical Performance Study (https://www.murdock-study.com/new-studies/physical-performance-cohort) under the thought leadership of Principal Investigator Dr. Miriam Morey, Professor of Medicine at the Duke University School of Medicine and Co-Directorof the Duke Older Americans Independence Center, now invites currently enrolled MURDOCK Study Community Registry participants age 30 and older* to join this unique study opportunity. The Physical Performance Study is recruiting individuals (age 30 and older*) to help researchers understand how changes to physical and cognitive abilities are affected by physical, lifestyle and genetic factors during the course of one’s lifespan.

You are eligible to participate if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are 30 or older* and
  2. You have the ability to understand and provide written consent and
  3. You have not been diagnosed or treated with any of the following conditions in the past six months: heart attack, congestive heart failure, angina, or fluid in the lungs and
  4. You must be able to walk 30 feet without human assistance (assistive devices are allowed).

As you may recall when you joined the MURDOCK Study, you consented to being contacted each year thereafter to complete a short follow-up questionnaire.  You may have already received a follow-up questionnaire if you joined more than 12 months ago; this should have arrived to you by mail before your “anniversary” month of enrolling. (for example, if you enrolled in the MURDOCK Study during January 2013, you received your first follow-up questionnaire in December 2013).  In coordination with your “anniversary”, a MURDOCK Study team member may contact you within 30 days of your follow-up month to invite you to participate in the Physical Performance Study.

Study Requirements: All Physical Performance Study participants complete a one-page questionnaire and brief physical and cognitive assessment and donate a small amount of blood.  Over the next 7 days following enrollment, some participants are asked to wear an “accelerometer” around their waist – or a small device that measures the number of steps taken – to record activity level.  Two years later, each participant is scheduled for a follow-up visit at which time the same activities from the first visit are repeated.

Each participant receives a $10 gift card per visit.

*Some age brackets may already be filled.

Please contact MURDOCK Study Clinical Research Coordinator, Christy Flynn, with questions about participating in the Physical Performance Study.

Phone: (704) 250-5854 OR (704) 250-5861

Email: christy.flynn@duke.edu

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