NC Science Festival brings STEM into Kannapolis classroom

April 16, 2013
By: Jenna Barnes, Triad News14
NC Science Festival brings STEM into Kannapolis classroom

KANNAPOLIS—The North Carolina Science Festival is teaching students all across the state that science is fun.

It is part of the STEM initiative, getting more students focused on science, technology, engineering and math. Students from all grade levels in Kannapolis took part on a mission to the moon Tuesday.

Elementary school students worked to solve problems such as the lack of gravity, food and water. High school students designed robots for construction on the moon.

“Each grade level in the district is working on a different facet of taking people from the earth and bringing them to the moon,” said Rob Knuschke, the secondary education director for Kannapolis City Schools.

Third-graders are answering questions such as, ‘How do we get enough water to support life on the moon?’

“We thought we could bring really long tubes and bring them from Earth to the moon,” said Azaryah Scott.

Once the elementary schoolers get the logistics out of the way, engineering students at A.L. Brown High School use robotics to start construction.

“We were building autonomous robots able to work on their own, using their own sensors, their own outputs, no human intervention,” said teacher Jason Stegall.

While they work toward their galactic goals, these students are learning how to design robots by programming computers.

“I really had no idea how to program anything. And through trial and error, we learned how to make this thing move,” said junior Kaleb Fox.

Schools across the state have been incorporating the festival in to lesson plans. There have also been events at museums for those not in school. The North Carolina Science Festival continues through Sunday.

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