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National STEM League Teams Meet to Compete at NCRC

May 12, 2014

CONTACT: Terri Stripling
COMPANY: Ten80 Education, Inc.
PHONE: 518-588-7895 mobile TWITTER: @Ten80Ed or @STEMTen80
Charlotte, NC – Thirty-six of the country’s most motivated math and science teams hit the track in the National STEM League Finals at North Carolina Research Campus on May 17, 2014. More than 900 teams from 41 states competed in a points race for the coveted Finals slots. A few wild-cards will join the excitement in hopes of challenging the best of the best for prizes, awards and the pride of being first in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
The National STEM League (NSL) garnered national attention in 2011 when Ten80 Education co-founder Beverly Simmons was published in STEMConnector’s 100 Women Leaders in STEM. In 2012, Change the Equation (CTEq) called for applications from science, technology, engineering, mathematics and STEM programs in order to create the STEMworks Database.

According to CTEq, “Funders can find programs that maximize the return on their investment. Those who develop STEM learning programs can benchmark their work against successful exemplars. Advocates can point to excellent programs as they make the case for quality. The programs in this database have to clear a high bar. WestEd, an independent non-profit research, development, and service organization, rigorously reviews all of applicants against CTEq’s Design Principles for Effective STEM Philanthropy and an accompanying Rubric. Only programs that perform well against these rigorous requirements are admitted.”

Ten80 was one of 41 finalists to receive the coveted honor. In 2014, Change the Equation used West Ed Research to
determine scalable STEM programs worthy of investment by its 100 member corporations. Just 4 groups in the country – including Ten80- were awarded the title of “exemplary and scalable.” Since then, the number of teams in the NSL has grown from students in 23 to 41 states.

Beverly Simmons says, “The engineers and educators of Ten80 know that cultivating a STEM-literate public is critical to America’s future. We envision a future in which citizen scientists in every community will partner with educators to empower all young people to understand and maximize their potential as critical thinkers, leaders and productive citizens.”

The National STEM League offers a platform for future leaders in programming, robotics, engineering, business and
marketing. Helping students become data-driven problem-solvers that embrace challenge improves their success in all areas of education.”

With the eyes of the country on Common Core test scores, schools are turning to project based interactive learning to drive understanding in mathematics and science. The goal of project based learning initiatives is to answer the age-old question posed by every student. “Why am I learning this?”

“We hear –all the time- that adults never use the quadratic equation. What our National STEM League students learn is that each math equation or algorithm has meaning and can be used to gain a leg-up on their competition,” explains Terri Stripling, Chemical Engineer and one of Ten80 Education’s Founding Partners. “Teachers are amazed that NSL kids will burst into their classrooms wanting to understand something like the quadratic equation. The students are asking to learn relevant mathematics. How many programs can say that?”

Stripling was recently featured as the closing keynote speaker at the US News STEM Solutions Conference in Washington, D.C. Her message was clear: cultivate STEM literacy and skills with the same rigor, passion and investment that we do for sports.

“The National STEM League, Math2Go, RhomboSTEAM and other Ten80 Education initiatives cultivate the confidence that comes from knowing how to effectively answer the hard questions, skillfully tackle challenges, and innovate toward a sustainable and prosperous future for themselves and for society. We invite you to join Ten80 for the National STEM League Finals in May to see STEM in action and watch real students use math as a meaningful part of problem solving and design,” Stripling said in closing remarks.

Dr. Bernard Harris, former NASA Astronaut and President of the Harris Foundation, is scheduled to speak to students at the Ten80 National STEM League Banquet prior to the Finals event. Dr. Harris is also currently Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Vesalius Ventures, Inc., a venture capital firm, that invests in early to mid-stage Healthcare technologies and companies. Dr. Harris’s goals in life have been achieved through “self-empowerment and selfdetermination.”

His speech will highlight The Harris Foundation’s new partnership with TEN80 Education and focus on the belief that “Education and Effort will allow anyone to meet any challenge in life and to fulfill their Dreams. The Harris Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports mathematics and science education.”

The National STEM League 2014 Finals will be held at the North Carolina Research Campus on May 17
from 9:00 am o 4:00 pm Teams will compete in Energy, Creative Engineering Design, Business Presentation, Graphics, Race Engineering and Robotics. Students will be encouraged to discuss innovative project design with prominent visiting national, state and local educational administrators as well as potential sponsors and funders. While the general public is not invited due to space considerations, decision-makers and funders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs are encouraged to RSVP to
and attend to see “exemplary and scalable” STEM in action.

About Ten80 Education’s National STEM League (NSL) Ten80 Education is a team of engineers, scientists, teachers, professors and parents all dedicated to a pretty ambitious mission. We have joined forces because we see the need to help our students and teachers understand STEM subjects so they excel in their chosen career and personal paths. We understand that not everyone will be an engineer, but everyone will need the ability to think critically and apply the lessons that STEM teaches us about turning ideas into reality.” Ten80 Education partners and supporters include the U.S. Army, LAB-AIDS, NSBE, NASCAR, The STEM Academy, SolidWorks, CASIO, Texas Instruments, and Horizon Fuel Cell; all entities that share aspects of a progressive vision for education. For more information about Ten80 Education and the National STEM League, log onto or visit Twitter @Ten80Ed and @STEMTen80

About The Harris Foundation Founded in 1998, The Harris Foundation is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas, whose overall mission is to invest in community-based initiatives to support education, health and wealth. The foundation supports programs that empower individuals, in particular minorities and economically and/or socially disadvantaged, to recognize their potential and pursue their dreams. The Education Mission of The Harris Foundation is to enable youth to develop and achieve their full potential through the support of social, recreational, and educational programs. The Harris Foundation believes that students can be prepared now for the careers of the future through a structured education program and the use of positive role models. More than 15,000 students annually participate and benefit from THF programs.

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