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Kannapolis Introduces “Discover a Healthy Life” Brand

September 26, 2014


Kannapolis, NC – Over the last few years the City of Kannapolis has begun a comprehensive plan to implement its strategic vision for economic development, job development, and quality of life. This plan includes identifying the City’s brand and then implementing this brand in all aspects of the City’s services and functions.

 Kannapolis Logo - jpegAfter a thorough research phase the City Council approved a brand in December – Healthy Living. Hundreds of citizens, business people, and tourists participated in the focus groups, surveys and interviews. Branding is understanding your identity and your image. What do people think of when they hear the name Kannapolis? What assets does the City have that make it special, unique or unusual?

 The top unique asset was the North Carolina Research Campus. Other statements identified with the brand included:

  • The City is a place where you can live a good life. A healthy holistic life.
  •  A community that welcomes new people, new ideas and new businesses.
  •  A place where there is a balance between work, family, and social living.
  •  A unique place where health, nutrition, science and education are becoming the business of the City and where a significant investment of the business sector has already been made.

Other assets included the Kannapolis Intimidators, and heritage of Dale Earnhardt, N.C. Music Hall of Fame, health systems such as the hospitals, health alliance, and many others.

This brand is important as the competitive environment of the region requires Kannapolis to be assertive in the promotion of the City in order to recruit businesses, employees and visitors. A Strategic Branding Plan will serve as a roadmap for the brand marketing plan.

“In order to recruit companies, new investment and opportunities for our residents we have to be competitive with every other City in the U.S. and even internationally. We have to sell who we are and the advantages to having your business in Kannapolis. This brand will be one of the tools we use to compete globally,” said City Manager Mike Legg. “We will work with our community partners to capitalize on the healthy living aspects of our City – those which are already in place and additional ones which will make our City stronger.”

An element of the brand includes a refreshed logo for the City. The logo and tagline are the most visual aspects of the brand. The new logo places an emphasis on the City’s name – Kannapolis. No other city is named Kannapolis. It is unique and memorable. It also includes the cupola which will be on top of the new City Hall * Police Headquarters Facility. The colors are navy, white and silver. The new logo combines architectural elements and deep rich colors which are professional, classy and memorable.

The logo will be integrated over time throughout the City. A slogan – Discover a Healthy Life – will be used in marketing and promotion of the City.

A strategic plan will be implemented over the next few years and will include working with businesses, community organizations and other partners on initiatives that bring the Healthy Life brand to life.


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