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GC x GC-MS Newest Service in the DHMRI Metabolomics Laboratory

February 15, 2016

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The David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI) located on the NC Research Campus (NCRC) in Kannapolis, NC recently completed a licensing agreement with the University of Louisville, Kentucky for analytical software that supports two-dimensional gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC×GC-MS) for metabolite biomarker discovery.

Jason Winnike, PhD, DHMRI staff scientist reviewing data gathered using GCxGC-MS.

Jason Winnike, PhD, DHMRI staff scientist, reviews data gathered using GCxGC-MS.

The software license allows DHMRI to offer GC×GC-MS as the newest service of its Analytical Sciences Laboratory (ASL), which specializes in metabolomics, proteomics and NMR.

Last year, DHMRI validated the use of GC×GC-MS in a study published in the Journal of Proteome Research in the paper “Comparisons of GC-MS and GCxGC-MS in the Analysis of Human Serum Samples for Biomarker Discovery.” The study showed the identification of two to three times the metabolites over the standard GC-MS.

ALS Group Leader Kevin Knagge explained, “GC×GC-MS provides scientists with a greater separation of compounds and more in-depth data collection and analysis, and is very useful with a variety of samples including urine, tissue, plasma and plants.”

The software developed by Xiang Zhang, PhD, in the department of Chemistry with the University of Louisville, Kentucky, streamlines data analysis allowing for easier and more complete inquiry.

“GC×GC-MS gives researchers more metabolomics data and expands the application of global metabolomics profiling capabilities,” commented Knagge.

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