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Homegrown Scientists Working at the NCRC

June 28, 2017

The goal of many students when they graduate from high school is to get as far away from home as possible. Some students in Concord and Kannapolis, just outside of Charlotte, are finding that the best opportunity for careers in science is right in their own backyard at the NC Research Campus.

Coming Home

Grant Canipe grew up in Concord, NC. He graduated in 2009 from Northwest Cabarrus High School in neighboring Kannapolis. He swore he was leaving the area and not coming back. He made it as far as Appalachian State University where he earned a bachelor of science in psychology. Once he decided to attend graduate school to earn a doctorate in developmental psychology, he found the best option for additional training was back in Kannapolis. He now works for Carol Cheatham, PhD, who directs the Nutrition and Cognition Laboratory, a part of the UNC Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute located on the NC Research Campus. Meet Grant.


No Place like Home

Kevin Lambirth, PhD, grew up in Kannapolis. His family has been part of the community for generations. His grandfather worked at Cannon Mills his entire career. His parents worked short stints in the mill as well. Lambirth experienced a different Kannapolis. Instead of driving to the mill, he drove by the NC Research Campus on his way to AL Brown High School. After graduating in 2006, he found he could enjoy his hometown while earning an undergraduate degree at Pfeiffer University and then a doctoral degree at UNC Charlotte. He is now a bioinformatician with the UNC Charlotte Bioinformatics Services Division on the NC Research Campus. Learn more about Kevin.


Home-based Scientific Training 

Briana Landis, the 2015 AL Brown High School valedictorian, is a summer intern with Discovery MS, an independent multiple sclerosis (MS) research organization housed in the David H. Murdock Research Institute on the NC Research Campus. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age four, Briana has advocated for more research her entire life. Now she is a scientist in training assisting with research that could one day improve the lives of people with MS, if not help find a cure. Find out more about Briana.



About the NC Research Campus

The North Carolina Research Campus, located in Kannapolis, NC, near Charlotte, has the mission of improving human health through nutrition and exercise. The scientific community of eight universities, the David H. Murdock Research Institute, global companies and entrepreneurs focus research and development on safer, more nutritious crops, healthier foods and precision nutrition. Learn more at www.ncresearchcampus.net.



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