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Duke Murdock study celebrates 10,000th participant

November 22, 2013
 TWC News: Duke Murdock study celebrates 10,000th participant
By: Jenna Barnes
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CABARRUS COUNTY — The Duke Murdock study is celebrating a big milestone.

The study just enrolled its 10,000th participant in its effort to re-classify disease in Cabarrus County.

The study has been recruiting people who live in Cabarrus County and Kannapolis since 2009. Their goal is to reach 50,000 local participants.

“It’s a very ambitious effort, something only Mr. Murdock would think about,” Robert Califf, the study’s principal investigator, said.

Billionaire and North Carolina Research Campus developer David Murdock donated $35 million to launch the study in 2007.

Researchers are looking at the disease at the molecular level in an effort to deliver more personalized care.

“We used to take human disease was relatively simple, that we could sort of look at someone and figure out what’s going on. Now we know how complicated it is, and it’s going to take a lot more work to get to where we need to be,” Califf said.

Researchers can use the latest technology to analyze blood and urine samples from participants for diseases now or in the future, and they check in with participants annually.

“It can give us better insight into wellness and disease, leading to better health and better treatment,” Califf said.

Researchers say it could be several years before they hit their 50,000 participant goal, but the work they’re putting in now could provide data for scientists for generations to come.

To learn more about enrolling in the Murdock study, visit https://murdockweb.duhs.duke.edu/Public/.


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