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David Nieman Rewrites Nutritional Assessment Textbook for Seventh Edition

April 17, 2018

Students of nutrition, take note. McGraw Hill Higher Education has released the 7th Edition of Nutritional Assessment by David Nieman, DrPH, a pioneer in exercise and sports nutrition.

The textbook came out January 2018, marking a complete rewrite of the textbook that was first published in 1993. Nieman, who is director of the Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory at the NC Research Campus and a professor of exercise science, is the sole writer of the newest edition due to the retirement of his writing partner Robert Lee.

Nieman says that the textbook is for nutrition students, both undergraduate- and graduate-level, to make sure that they understand all of the different nutritional standards that exist for evaluating the quality of a diet.


“Students will read about how the nutritional assessment is conducted – via computerized programs, checklists, food frequency questionnaires, and food records,” Nieman explained. “All of these are methods of gathering information and comparing it with nutritional standards.”

The textbook also offers nutrition information from the public health perspective. After collecting and comparing information with nutritional standards, including micro- and macro-nutrient intake, someone conducting a nutritional assessment can then provide counseling on public health aspects like heart disease and diabetes. “The nutritional assessment allows students to learn how to counsel people about what nutritional choices they should make, and how those choices offer potential health benefits,” Nieman continued.

The new book is now available on Amazon, and it is particularly useful for students studying to become registered dietitians (RDs).

“It is a book that has endured now through seven editions,” Nieman said. “The newest version is a complete rewrite of the whole book – everything is updated.”

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