Collaborative, Cross-Disciplinary Science

Eight of North Carolina’s top universities have research programs at the NC Research Campus alongside companies like Dole Foods, General Mills and Sensory Spectrum. The co-location of industry and academia multiplies the opportunities for scientists to collaborate across scientific disciplines. Some of our most recent collaborative research includes:


UNC Charlotte, NC Central University and Carolinas HealthCare Collaborate on Pancreatic Cancer Research

Scientists from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, North Carolina Central University’s Nutrition Research Program at the NC Research Campus in Kannapolis, NC, and Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte teamed up to identify molecular targets in the signaling pathway for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA) tumors.


Prostate Cancer: MURDOCK Study, Duke Cancer Institute and DHMRI Partner

Duke Cancer Institute, the MURDOCK Study and DHMRI are collaborating on prostate cancer research  in hopes of better understanding why African American men frequently have a more aggressive form of the disease.


NC A&T and NC State Team Up to Reduce Complications from Peanut Allergies 

Scientists with the NC A&T State University Center for Excellence in Post-Harvest Technologies and the NC State University Plants for Human Health institute, both at the NC Research Campus, are collaborating on a USDA grant to develop a hypoallergenic peanut flour that the food industry can use to decrease the incidence of complications from peanut allergies.


New Collaborative Study Shows How Phytochemicals Build Natural Defenses Against Free Radicals

A study from scientists with the UNC Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute and the Dole Nutrition Institute found that certain phytochemicals build natural, cellular defenses against damaging free radicals and reactive oxygen species dispelling other popular theories of how some antioxidants work.


ASU and Dole: Bananas and Pears Improve Athletic Performance and Recovery

A new study by the Appalachian State Human Performance Laboratory and the Dole Nutrition Institute identified the capability of bananas and pears to improve athletic performance, while simultaneously providing healthy nutrients to reduce inflammation and improve recovery time from intense exercise.


Berries the “Go To” Health Food: International Collaboration of Scientists Builds the Case

Scientists in North Carolina and New Zealand are collaborating and engaging with growers to build the scientific evidence to convince consumers that berries are nature’s “go to” health food.


Pioneering Microalgae as a Therapeutic Production Platform

Researchers with NC Central University and the NC State Plants for Human Health Institute, both at the NC Research Campus, are some of the first recipients of a University of North Carolina Research Opportunities Initiative grant. With the funding, they are collaborating with scientists at other campuses to research the use of microalgae as a new platform to produce therapeutics.

From the NCRC to New Zealand, Scientists Ask: Can Polyphenols Get You Fitter Faster?

NC Research Campus partners the Appalachian State Human Performance Laboratory, NC State University Plants for Human Health Institute and the Dole Nutrition Institute in collaboration with Queens University of Charlotte and Plant & Food Research of New Zealand collaborated on a study to answer one question: Can polyphenols get you fitter faster?

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