Blueberries hailed as best brain food

March 01, 2014

Published: 6:01AM Saturday March 01, 2014 Source: ONE News

A new study has found that blueberries may reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

Around 10,000 Kiwi’s suffer from Parkinson’s disease and it’s estimated that 1% of all Kiwis over the age of 60 have the incurable condition.

Now a study conducted by scientists at the Plants For Human Health Institute in the US has found that some fruits contain one of two chemical compounds that can help to reduce the risk of degenerative brain conditions such as Parkinson’s.

Blueberries, however, are a unique ‘brain food’ as they contain both substances and are therefore the most effective at fighting brain cell death that can lead to Parkinson’s and other brain diseases.

Earlier studies have shown that eating several servings of blueberries each week can increase concentration and slow mental deterioration.

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